Red prom dresses 2014 under 100Red prom dresses 2014 under 100

What color of dress to choose for this amazing day?

Red prom dresses 2014 under 100 are the hippest options before the prom night. Now that the prom is over, the question that might be bugging you is, “What will I do with my prom dress?” At this point, you do not have to fret because there are a lot of things that you can still do with your lovely dress.

Answer #1: Re-wear the Prom Dress

There is a variety of occasions where you can re-wear your prom dress. You can attend a wedding, Halloween party, and even birthdays with the gown. All it takes is some alterations with dress and of course, the big word “CONFIDENCE”.

Answer #2: Mix and Wear

If your imagination is fashionable enough, you can manage to look stylish with the used prom dress. You can layer it over with buttoned cardigan or jacket to fulfill the impression of wearing a fancy skirt. You can also use your shoes and other accessories to look more anew.

Answer #3: Hang it in Your Closet or Hand it to a Sister

A prom dress is not only good for one use. You can just leave it hanging in your closet while waiting for the opportunity for someone to lend the dress. Aside from this, you can also hand it to your little sister and have her attend various occasions.

Answer #4: Sell or Make it for Rent

If you want to make money from your prom dress, then you have the opportunity to do so. You should bear in mind that the prom dress can also be worn apart from the prom season. Just make it available for sale or rent in your neighborhood.

Answer #5: Donate
If you do not have a younger sister to hand the prom dress, you may consider donating the gown to a charity or to a friend. In this manner, you have done some fervor to your mankind.

The Decision

Red prom dresses 2014 under 100 are worth more than its actual price if you know how to reuse it in the future. It only demands the initiative and imagination on what you can do to your preciously owned prom gown.

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