Pink Prom Dresses 2014Pink prom dresses 2014

How to be beautiful in prom night?

The pink prom dresses 2014 never go out of fashion. In fact, this shade has been competing with other trendy colors in the fashion world and many girls just passionately love it. If you are one of those girls very much into pink, then the only problem that would be left is the design of your prom dress.

Undeniably, the color is not the only factor to acquire the perfect look for the prom night. It also has to do with the design which is considered to be one of the core elements of a gorgeous look. As a matter of fact, the design of the dress can enhance your great assets or hide your imperfections.

Mermaid Gown in Pink

Whether you have a sexy waistline or you just want to flaunt in an hourglass figure, a mermaid gown will exquisitely wrap your curves in delight. This style is without a doubt flattering since it follows your figure down to the mid-thigh and eventually flare out at the bottom.

Strapless Prom Dress

From a strapless design, you can further detail your gown in amazement. If you have great legs to show off, then you can have a strapless dress in short length. On the flip side of the coin, a layered style dress will also be great if you do not want to flaunt your thighs.

Fun and Playful Bubble Dress

If you are thin, the bubble dress will perfectly complement your body size. This may appear a bit flirty, but it can be wittingly fabulous due to its bubble shape that flares away on the leg section.

Princess-inspired Prom Dress

A pastel pink hue can be perfect for the prom night. With a princess-inspired dress, feel like as if you are the princess of the grand ball. The feeling will be just mutual since the dress is simply elegant and adorably great.

With a variety of designs for pink prom dresses 2014, it would only be right to say that these dresses are truly stunning from the color to its magnificent designs. So, pick up what will perfectly define your personality.

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