New prom dresses 2014New prom dresses 2014

What are the modern ideas for prom night this year?

The new prom dresses 2014 come in an influx of dashing and fascinating colors. From lighter palettes to darker shades, each has a perfect way of complementing one’s complexion or personality whilst covering imperfections. It is then just a matter of finding the right shade for an extravagant night.

Just like how you pay attention to the details and embellishments of the dress, you also have to do the same when it comes to color. It is primarily because the color has a great impact to your overall appearance. It may either boost your appeal or crumble down all your efforts in preparing for the big night.

Plus Size Color Options

If you are a plus size girl, then try out slimming colors such as dark copper, navy blue, black, and dark green. These colors create an illusion of a thinner you. Just remember to pattern your dress that will hide your imperfections like that of a long and flowing dress.

Best Colors for Girls with Winter Complexion

There are many options for girls with winter complexions. Among these choices are the intense colors such as black and navy blue prom dresses. If you do not want to wear dark-colored prom dresses, you can turn to lighter colors such as white or any bright pastels.

Choices for Summer Toned-skin

For summer toned-skin, the skin color changes due to tanning but the undertone remains the same. You can look delightful as usual by wearing a prom dress with muted colors or pastels. Examples of which are pale yellow, lavender, plum, rose, and baby blue.

Spring-tone Color Options

Soft pastels are best for spring-toned girls. You can choose kelly-green, aqua blue, ivory, camel or yellow since these colors are not harsh or too contrasting. Wearing any of these colors can make you look lavishing and elegant.

Autumn Tones

If you have golden undertones, then you belong to the autumn skin tone. When going to a party like the prom night, you should wear gown that has golden undertones such as beige, dark brown, gold, camel, and orange. These colors will surely make you look livelier and warmer.

Making the Right Choice

The new prom dresses 2014 are stuff with elegant and overly attractive colors suitable for every skin tone and body shape. Now, all you have to do is pick up the right one and wear it with confidence.

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