Long Prom Dresses 2014Long Prom Dresses 2014

There is a huge selection of gorgeous long prom dresses 2014, but which one will make you the star of the event? Take a closer look at the leading trends to help you out. You will definitely make the right choice when you have precise search criteria and requirements.


There are several styles which are particularly trendy. The empire waist prom dresses 2014 are a true classic choice with a modern twist. This dress style has a universal appeal simply because it matches all body shapes perfectly.

If you want to look absolutely sexy, then a wrap dress would be a great choice for you. It can have a formfitting or free-flowing skirt. It all depends how much of your sexy curves you want to show on prom night.

The short-front long-back style retains its reputation as one of the most elegant and youthful. You can have a single skirt which is short at the front and long at the back. The other popular option is to have a mini skirt with free flowing pieces of organza at the side and at the back.

Design Features

When it comes to the details of the long prom dresses, the sky is the limit. You can have absolutely anything that you dream of. The heart shaped neckline rules the scene in 2014. It is gorgeous, feminine and sexy. The strapless and one-shoulder designs are huge hits as well.

You should certainly consider a dress with a layered skirt. If you are tall and thin, you can go for a form-fitting skirt with a long sexy slit on the side.

The beads are the hottest embellishment for prom dresses. They are not scattered freely along the top or bottom part, but form intricate and absolutely gorgeous decorative motifs, which extend from the shoulder to the waistline. If you love to experiment, you should consider a dress covered with colorful sequins.


Here’s the list of the most beautiful and stylish prom dress colors in 2014:

• Purple
• Turquoise
• Cyan
• Coral
• Baby pink
• Lemon chiffon
• Red
• White
• Cream

You are now fully ready to go shopping for long prom dresses 2014. Consider your body shape and your personal style to make the best choice.

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