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How to choose Formal Dresses for every body shape?

Whether you are tall and slender, busty, or pear-shaped there are formal dresses for every body shape. Knowing what style of dress best flatters your body shape is the key to finding a formal dress that makes you look and feel beautiful. So, don’t dread dress shopping. Just arm yourself with the knowledge of what will flatter your body shape.

Body Types and Styles that Flatter Them


– Formal dresses with fitted tops and a full A-line skirts, best flatter your curvy hips.


– Your small waist and well-proportioned hips and shoulders make any style of formal dress complimentary to your shape.


– You don’t have many curves so you will want to look for a formal dress that is form fitting to accentuate your long form.


– Choose a style with an asymmetrical hemline or one that shows a bit of leg to
elongate your look.


– You should choose a formal dress that provides full cover on top and attracts the eye to the hemline.

There are formal dresses for every body shape. Knowing what styles best enhance your body shape can make finding that perfect dress pain-free.

Short Formal Dress

Short formal dressShort formal dress

A short formal dress is a bold statement for any occasion; a marking of the modern woman, the short dress gives women the ability to be flirty and fun.

Cinderella’s Gown Revisited

Picking the right short dress for an occasion should be determined by the following factors –

– Where are you going? A dress should always be chosen based on occasion; if it is more formal, stick to a classically cut dress, but parties allow for modern styles to shine through.

– How old are you? While age doesn’t determine taste or style, it should dictate some of your fashion choices.

– What is your best asset? Women undoubtedly want to feel attractive when they’re out, but showing off too much skin is tacky. Choose to show off your legs or your chest, but not both.

– What statement do you want to make? A dress says a lot about the wearer, so if you want to make a statement with your dress, choose a length and cut that makes you feel powerful and in charge.

Picking the right short formal dress is all about factoring in these particular problems. This allows you to wear your dress with confidence and show off your unique, bold style.